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Sara Wingback Ottoman Storage Bed

Wingback Ottoman Bed Frame | Sara Storage Bed – Free Delivery

Sara Wingback Ottoman storage bed frame gives your bedroom an elegant look with different choices of sizes, soft velvet fabrics, and colours.

Sara Wingback Ottoman Storage Bed

You crave a luxurious and stylish bedroom look that makes you feel confident, right? Besides, you value a great night’s sleep. Our Sara Wingback Ottoman storage bed frame gives your bedroom a luxurious feel with different choices of sizes, beautiful velvet fabrics, and a variety colours. The spacious storage area underneath Wingback Ottoman bed frame offers an excellent location to keep additional items including extra duvets and clothes.

Wingback Ottoman bed frames have a monumental and modern design that’s attractive to the eye. The frames are crafted by the best professionals and with your exact quality need in mind—luxury, comfort, durability, sturdiness, and style. You can be sure you’ve made the right choice when you buy our Wingback bed frame.

Notable Features of a Wingback Ottoman Bed Frame

The Wingback headboard bed frame leaves you with a sense of grandeur as you relax in your bedroom. You can support your head on the comfortable headboard as you read that interesting book in the evening. The bed is also strong which makes it perfect for active couples. You can enjoy your night’s sleep without any worries.

The storage Wingback bed frames are more than just sleeping surfaces. You can safely store your items in the under-bed space. That ensures you can keep your sensitive documents safe, and you protect your clothes from gathering dust. These frames are masterpieces that you shouldn’t lack in your bedroom.

Wondering how you’ll access the space beneath the storage Wingback bed frames? That’s easy! The frames have a convenient lift system. You can go for the side-lift or end-lift option depending on what’s ideal in your case.

You have a plethora of colours to choose from depending on the final bedroom look you want to attain. Buy a grey Wingback bed frame or go for other hues such as blue. Match your bed with your bedroom décor.

Why Buy a Wingback Headboard Bed Frame?

If you love that royalty-like feel in your bedroom, this is the frame you should purchase. It offers value because of its attractive features including:

  • Effortless access to the storage space
  • A comfortable sleeping surface
  • A stylish finish
  • Excellent weight support
  • Strong and durable


What is a Wingback bed?

The bed has a large headboard to enhance your comfort.

Can you lift an Ottoman bed with a mattress on it?

Yes! The upholstered Wingback bed frame has an anti-slip base that prevents the mattress from falling as you lift the frame.

How do you take care of a Wingback Ottoman bed frame?

Clean your upholstered Wingback bed frame frequently with a moist piece of cloth. That prevents the accumulation of dust.

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